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The Majestic-Bernese is a Head-Turning, Breathtaking, Bernese Mountain Dog. The dark eyes, stocky build, beauty, and gentle spirit makes the Majestic-Bernese the perfect family companion.



I spent a lot of years growing up with the Majestic-Bernese. My mothers love of this Beautiful Breathtaking dog developed several years ago when I was becoming a teenager.


In growing up I had a deep love for the Majestic-Bernese. I decided to further my education and become a part of the Majestic-Bernese Mountain Dog Family.


I am very fortunate to have my mother as my mentor in this wonderful breed. I look forward to many years of dedication and commitment to the Majestic-Bernese Mountain Dog.


We are 4 families, living and working in 4 different states to achieve one common goal: to produce "SIMPLY THE BEST" Majestic-Bernese Mountain Dogs.


A true saying is that once you own a Bernese Mountain Dog you will always own a Bernese Mountain Dog.


Our Life-Time Guarantee to our Puppies/Dogs is that, we only place our Majestic-Bernese in family homes. We do not and will not sell our puppies to Brokers or Puppy Mills. When we place a Majestic-Bernese Puppy with a family our Life-Time Guarantee to that puppy is that he/she cannot be resold, placed or given away without the prior consent of a Majestic-Bernese Breeder. We will always take back a dog that is bred by us no matter what their age. This eliminates our dogs from being sold to brokers, ending up in shelters, and/or puppy mills.




Phone: 270-402-7825  or 270-790-2446